Hello, to all you beautiful people. How are you? I truly hope that you are living the life you truly deserve, and going through your journey being the true, gorgeous, authentic gift from heaven that you are. Well I have been thinking, now that we have touched down on getting back to the basics, and re-aligning ourselves to the core of our being, and our souls are cleansed and refreshed, and we now have room to fill up on the simple prettyjustforyou concepts that are going to bring us to a place that fills our souls on every level. All the yummy things that allow us to feel beautiful, youthful, content, free, happy, cleansed, healthy, balanced, loved, confident, positive. Most of all allows us to continue on our journey, completely enlightened, in our true authentic, youthful spirit that resides in each and every one of us.


Where shall we start? I was thinking we will start slow, as there is no longer the big rush because we want to breathe and completely embrace the prettyjustforyou, that we are ready to embark on. We want to take our sweet time to completely pamper our divine youthful spirits inside and out, our really kind, positive, confident, attitudes, our sexy, gorgeous, hot, sweet, soft, desirable bodies inside and out. (Because we can.) (And we are…) We are going to hand feed our youthful, authentic spirits with nothing but healthy, delicious, honest, self loving treats that we desire because we deserve all the goodness this life has to offer us because we are sweet like candy right from the bottom of our pretty little toes, to the top of our crowns.(Believe it because you really are) yes sweet like candy…


So I believe that being the most beautiful Goddess you can be on every level, is definitely going to take some time, but if you, are consistent in your journey and if you, have the desire to really, really be the ultimate you, anything and everything is possible. There are no shortcuts, and this journey has to become one with you, a part of your every day. We don’t need no big purchases, no bling, bling, no extra embellishments. All we will need to do is be willing to strip ourselves down to our raw, youthful spirit that resides within us. (yes completely stripped down to our true, authentic souls) There are a few things that we must practice every day. As we will need all the soul food we can digest so our journey from hear on in is nourished with all the goodness our HIGHER POWER, and prettyjustforyou has to offer you. There are no exceptions. -Always know that no matter where you are in life at this point(I really mean no matter where you are) your age, race, status, if you, have been hurt, abandoned, abused, if you, feel hopeless, or alone, or happy, not wanting for anything. Its time to set this all aside(not that these things do not matter, it’s all of a very high importance of course) We are starting hear today in our true, raw authentic form. We are going to take all that we endured thus point and we are going to transform all of it into magic ingredients to take us to a place that we so deserve. .-Never forget(And this is a must)please as your soul sister, never forget how absolutely perfect you are in this moment. You are truly a gift from God, and you are a huge part of this world, the moon, and the stars. You are so beautiful.(True story) -Don’t ever let anyone(That means anyone)ever make you feel less than the precious gem that you are. There will always be someone that tries to steal your thunder. It is not theirs to take. You are allowed to feel exactly how you feel, your opinion matters, your journey is yours, no one else s. Your dreams you dream and wish upon, no matter what they are belong to you. Don’t let anyone steal your fire for life. In my opinion if another tries to invade on your spirit, and makes you question yourself on a negative vibe, they are toxic and it’s just a true reflection of the ugliness that they live in. They have to go.- Surround yourself with people that nurture you, lift your spirit, that are kind, honest, respectful, positive. As this is what you are right hear, right now.- This is a very important step. Be happy, smile, have as much fun as you can, don’t take yourself to serious, breathe, sing, dance, love, and allow yourself to be loved(Because you are worthy)give to the less fortunate, listen, give lots of hugs, positive input, kind words, a helping hand, be gentle. Allow all the white light from your HIGHER POWER engulf you. Most of all just live your life and every moment the very best you can. As these moments are fleeting, you will never have them again. Do whatever you have to do to keep the prettyjustforyou energy flowing. We need to spread goodness. Again because we can, so we will.


So are we ready? I know that I am very excited and certainly ready to start my new journey with you, and share all that is beautiful and prettyjustforyou with you. This is truly, truly my honor. We have been blessed with a new day. When you open your pretty little eyes this morning, before you jump out of bed, please give yourself permission to just be in the moment. I personally like to start my day with a positive thought. I would like to share some soul food for thought. Hand picked, a few of my favorites, hopefully you resonate with them, if not just think of something positive that puts a smile on your face, and puts a little pep in your step for the day. Here they are… -And how a change in thoughts can lead to a change in life. -Write it on your heart that every day is the day in the year.(Ralph Waldo Emerson) -Things turn out best for people who make the best out-of-the-way things turn out.(Jhon Wooden) -Each morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself: I, not the events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy, today I can choose which it shall be:Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, I have just one day, today and I am going to be happy(Groucho Marx) -The aliveness, peace, beauty, and love I seek are never out there, but always right hear right now. -Part of the magic of the experience lay in the sheer beauty of the setting….


Here are a few simple beauty tips that I live by. I always feel so clean, pretty, refreshed, and ready to another day that I have been blessed with. I seriously live by these little morning rituals. I am addicted. Try these little tips, and just see if you, like them, and see how you feel. Hopefully you feel as sweet as I do…. -Stretch slowly, each part of your body(Be gentle) – Turn on some music(Easy listening) -Drink a great big glass of lemon water, before indulging in anything else. -Turn on the shower, take your time, pamper and cleanse every single part of your gorgeous body with a gentle and or organic soap that tantalizes your sensous. -Exfoliate(Get rid of the dull, and let your glowing, sexy, youthful skin come through) -Let the warm water love you while you remind yourself how amazing and sexy and beautiful every inch of your body is. -Make sure to wash your locks with a gentle shampoo, and leave your conditioner in a little longer. -Pat dry(no need to be rough on your silky skin) -Run fingers through your hair. If you, can air dry your hair. Give it a couple little crunches. Wa-lah- Gorgeous. -Lather your skin with a gentle, natural cream. I am so addicted to coconut oil. Love, love what it does for my skin, the sweet scent, the shine it adds to my skin. Just feels so silky soft, and girlie. (Please try)on your feet, toes, fingers, arms, legs, face, your yummy buttocks, breast, ears, wherever you want to feel soft and silky. You will see. Omg so,so yummy delicious… -Brush your pearly whites. I personally like to use my favorite tooth paste dipped in some bacon soda wonderful combination. This leaves your mouth super clean and really whitens the teeth.(Nothing prettier than a bright, white smile) – Gargle with a teaspoon of coconut oil after brushing(The longer the better)(Do not expel in sink, as this is an oil and can harden). In garbage can preferably. Now take your tongue and run it along your teeth and taste how delicious kissable your mouth is.

I really hope you enjoyed the prettyjustforyou that I shared with you today. I am truly excited, and honored to share this journey with you. The best is yet to come. That I promise. So if there is anything that you would like to share, please do. Would love to hear your thoughts. Please always remember less is way more sexy beautiful. Let the real you shine through, it can not ever get better than that. Stay in touch, and hopefully you can take something from this website. Always know that every single thing I share is my opinion, and truth… Lots of love and positive thoughts from me to you always…xo


Just a few thoughts for you today on Pretty Just For You from one friend to another. In my opinion, in order to regain our inner peace, happiness, balance, and our inner beauty to the core, we need to re-align our selves from the bottom of our souls and work our way up and outwards, or I believe we just continue to exist in a false being, when we are the ultimate, creations our Higher Power has ever created. We were giving this gift called life, now let us truly, within all our power as the beautiful individuals that we are, live it for all that it has to offer. Let this be a challenge, from this day forward, to see how we can transform our lives into something simply beautiful and pretty just for you, to the best of our ability. We can continue to accept our lives as they are(not saying they are bad) and do what we think is our best, we can do, or let us take our lives and really, really turn them into our ultimate dream, we dream.


Our lives as we know it. Busy, busy have so much to do in a minute, a day, month, and year. We are so organized, we have our calendars full for the next year, maybe two. Look at us go, we sure have everything figured out don’t we? We are so in control. Our families are good as far as we know, everybody within the family unit has their schedule, and tasks to complete in a day. Dad is of to work, because he is a work- aholic in order to provide his family with all that he can(not all)(so this excuses his absence), Mom is rushing out the door after getting all the children ready for their day, making sure she does not miss anything on the calendar that is scheduled in for the whole family, making the grocery list, and off to work she goes with nothing less than the kisses and hugs she gives to her children before she rushes out the door to bring in the second income. Mom literally has to remember everything for everyone in her family unit, plus remember her daily tasks at work, and everything that is needed of her there. But as long as everyone is happy, it should be another successful day in our lives as we know it. Sure this is all wonderful having everything in order, taking on so much every day to convince ourselves we have everything under control. With this all being done so well (in my opinion) I believe, we are truly, truly forgetting about the unwritten basics in our every day lives((not saying all of us, but the majority) We need to really slow down. Our lives are passing us by at an amazing rate of speed. The precious little moments in time that we will never have again are taking for granted, that is if you even stopped long enough to realize that there was a special moment at all. Our children are growing up on their own, whether you provide them with everything or not, They are becoming young adults at a blink of an eye. Their days are so eventful, and every minute of their day is of such importance, whether you think so or not. When is the last time you truly asked your child, or children about their day, and just listened with no opinion, or time factor. How about our husbands, or wives. Yes we love each other or we would not be together. But are we really together when you take all that this absolutely beautiful union is for granted. I know you think you don’t, but really think about how much you give your significant other in a day besides the house, the car, money, and material in general. When is the last time you just stopped in the middle of whatever you were doing, and made a point of going that extra step (leaving work and hurrying home, if only for a minute) for no reason at all, no explanation at all and just wrapped your loving arms around you other and simply said YOU ARE THE WORLD TO ME, AND I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL, or THANK YOU, FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR FAMILY. I am not talking about sorta doing this, I am talking about clearing out all that is in your mind at the moment, and only focusing on the exact moment in time, and really, truly, reaching into your heart and giving all that you have in your soul, to your other. Remember this is not about you, it is about letting the other person in your life know how Simply Beautiful, they are. Now that we have touched down on family, why don’t we reach out to all the other people in our lives, or the people we work with, people on the streets, or better yet all the people around the world. Is this extreme? I personally do not think so, because in order to bring pretty just for you, or simply beautiful awareness and mindset to everyone we need to share in all that is beautiful, and pretty. A kind word, a helping hand, a smile, stopping and just listening(it is amazing, if you actually listen, you can hear what someone is really saying, not what you think they are saying), giving to the less fortunate without needing an explanation, just because you can. Giving a helping hand up, can truly change a persons’ life for the greater. Just slowing down, even for a minute, baby steps if needed and just embracing this life and all that is within it for all the absolute beauty that it has to offer, and just stop and be. Just be, nothing else, at least once in a day, Before we do not have the option of another day, to do this. Love all these gifts that have been giving to us. Not just a little, or kinda, or sorta but really embrace them from the bottom of your souls, Get back to the simple, beautiful basics, that is where all the real meaningful, beautiful stuff is(just saying)


In order to live our true inner beauty and truth and take our lives to the extreme dream, we need to clear our mind, body, and soul of all our negative blockages, even the littlest one’s. We no longer want anything blocking our true inner beautiful being(yes that is you, beautiful) no longer. How do we do this? Why don’t we start from the beginning. RE-AQUINTING OURSELVES WITH OUR INNER CHILD- yes that sweet little innocent baby that we left behind so long ago. That little child that has called upon us so many times throughout our lives that we just ignored. We need to take some time to actually get to know that child again. That child is our true root to our soul. Close your eyes, and visualize her or him(so cute hey, so innocent, so sweet, so perfect). Gently say hello, reach out your loving arms, and ask the child to come to you(they might not at first, as you are a stranger) but don’t give up. If and when they do, hold on to that child with every bit of love in your heart and soul and re assure them, you love them. Ask for forgiveness for neglecting them this whole time, and let your inner child, your baby(you) know that you love them whole heartedly, and you will never leave them again. Now how did that feel? I kn ow I cried, and it was very, very deep. BREATHE- you are allowed. Just take a few minutes, half hour, a day, whatever it takes to just sit back and allow yourself to breathe. To let all the simply beautiful, and pretty just for you, and the light energy thoughts and mindset engulf you. Don’t think about nothing else but pure, clean energy, and all the amazing beautiful gifts you have been giving by your Higher Power. Remember it is not the material things, it is the real gifts. Just breathe in how perfect you are in this moment exactly, I mean exactly how you are right now. You are positive, grateful, humbled, giving, kind, gentle, honest, caring, and loving, and remember you are absolutely perfect, I mean perfect in this exact moment, exactly how you are, and never forget that. You are amazing. FINDING THE BALANCE- I know it is easier said than done, letting go of control(always know you will be taking care of), this is the one thing we have in order to feel accomplished, or like we have it all together(but we do not) it is a false mask we hide behind for the world to see. Remember we are seeking the true, real, raw, authentic, inner beauty within us. We want to live our lives for real, not be ruled by outside influences. Only what we choose to fill our souls, not because society says we have to. So in order to do this, we have to give up the false sense of being in control, and when I say this, I don’t mean let everything go unhandled, I mean just know it is not up to you, and only you to make everything perfect. Ask family, friends, your Higher Power to assist you in finding the balance in your life, so you can embrace and enjoy your life right now, today before another moment in time is lost. It is your right as the beautiful gift you are, to give back to yourself. Not as Mom, or the wife, or the employee, just you, yes the simply amazing, gorgeous, you. It is your God giving right to have the balance you deserve, but you have to give up control. This does not make you any less on the scale of how perfect you are in other peoples eyes, including family and friends. It actually puts you higher on the scale of life because you are taking care of the pretty just for you gift that you truly are. Cheers to you. OUR TRUE BEAUTY- always remember that no matter your age, gender, social status that you are a gem. You are as beautiful as the day is long(and even more). Always keep a pure heart, mind, body and soul. As long as you stay true to yo, and do not compromise your truth for no other. you can not go wrong. Do not ever let anyone, no one, tell you otherwise(if anyone ever tries to make you feel less than the perfect, simply beautiful gift you are, consider the source and pay absolutely no attention at all, to the fool). Give yourself permission to treat yourself to all the pretty just for you, that you are truly entitled to. Take extra long bubble baths, take all the makeup of your face and exfoliate so your beautiful skin can glow, put something soft and silky on to the skin, spray a light scent on that brings back all the beautiful memories that you stored away, and review them, put some sexy music on, read a book, journal, dance, stretch, light some candles, open a window and let some fresh air flow through your house, give your loved one’s extra long hugs, spread your love, but most of all allow yourself to be the most beautiful you that were meant to be, and from the bottom of your being- you are absolutely perfect right now in this moment, and please don’t ever forget that. RE-CLAIMING OUR FEMINNINITY- we are the caregivers, Mothers, employees, sisters, friends, we take care of so much, and so much more than that. We always make sure that everything in our worlds are taken care of because we can. We are non-stoppable. So busy all the time. Let us take some time to focus on us for a minute, yes us. Always remember that we are still women in this world. Yes women, even with all the women s rights we have fought for and still fight for. We want equal rights(some of us do). As, it should be. Isn’t it funny how we are the Creators, and we have to fight for equal rights(just a thought) This is a huge progress, no doubt about it, but always remain famine. We are so beautiful, we don’t need to lose this in the fight to. Remember to treat your mind, body, and soul with extreme kindness, and gentleness. These things belong to you, and only you. We need to keep these things sacred. Always remember that you are pretty, smart, gorgeous, sexy, playful, sweet like candy, youthful(no matter your age), hot, happy, and just simply beautiful. Wear dresses, put on some high heels, change your hair, sing, put something sexy on, be daring, brush your teeth a little longer, scrub your little feet and make them soft, lipstick is a must, or gloss, cream your skin so it is soft to the touch(coconut oil)get out in the fresh air, eat healthy, rest, relax, and always give yourself permission to be the super admirable gift from God that you truly are. No exceptions. Because, you really are.


So, if I seem extremely passionate about reminding you all of how wonderful you really are, it is because I am. I have noticed that so many of us just go through life almost numb in a sense. I feel we lose our true sense of purpose, and we lose sight of how our beautiful being is such a huge part of this world. We all make a difference on some level. Every day there is so much negative all around us, and we can get lost, or caught up in this mess. Life can truly be a gift, and extremely beautiful, if you believe it can be. What do you want your canvas to look like at the end of this journey, I personally want to have many colors, all mixed together to make an amazing abstract(not necessarily perfect, but bright non- the less). We don’t get a lot of time, truly. Lets just live this life truly to the fullest, and have as much happiness, abundance, excitement, fun, as we can. You do not owe no one any explanation as to why you do and choose the things you do. Your allowed, this is your life. I am just getting started with this beautiful web-site. Just have to get all the wrong stuff out of our souls, so we can continue on with all the pretty just for you, coming your way. I promise you, from one friend to another, I will try to bring you so many beautiful things here, on so many levels. In hopes, you can take even a little away, so you can feel like the GIFT FROM GOD THAT YOU ARE. I am here to remind you, and it is my true pleasure. If you have any comments, or thoughts, please feel free to voice them. Would love to hear from you. Love your SOUL sister Corinne xoxo


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Hello, and a warm welcome to my website My name is Corinne and I am a forty-nine-year-old women born and raised in Canada. I am a very, very proud Mother of an amazing young lady. My daughter is my strength, inspiration, motivation, my best friend, and the wind beneath my wings.


Ever since I was a young girl growing up, I always had such curiosity, and extreme passion for beautiful pretty things. It was not the pretty object itself that mesmerized me, it was the raw simplicity within the object. I found something exquisite in most everything. People, animals, rainbows, colors, textures, the ocean, rocks, the sky, moments in time, and so much more. Some would say I found my passion through this gift called life. This all still stands true today. But through time I have been able to refine all that I do. I love to create, through writing, my hand crafted art, helping people, friendships, taking objects that some would say are not worthy and turning them into masterpieces, putting luster back into all that is dull, but most of all just by keeping things simple pretty, and staying true to my journey, and truth.

Being a waitress for many years, I have been honored to meet many truly amazing people. I have had the privilege to connect spiritually, lovingly, and honestly with all races. The rich, the poor, the lonely, the lost, the young, and the old. I have learned so much, on every level. Many people shared their most inner truth about their lives with me, I considered each and every story a gift.


I have worked with many, many women. Younger girls to older women. We were all soul sisters, we had a little world of our own. If you ever waitressed, I know you understand. Young girls only stopping by to pay for school, single Mothers(many of them), divas, older sisters like myself that never planned on staying on the path for as long as we did, but the years just went by fast. I can not even put into words, how each and every girl that I have worked with has been an exceptional gift from the universe. These ladies worked so hard. Long hours, little pay, but always managed to put a smile on their faces to please all and get through another shift.

Many of us faced each day with struggles, and hardships, but as women, we did what we had to do to make sure our loved ones especially our children were taking care of to the best of our ability.

We all had one thing in common, as most women do, that I have noticed through personal experience. As women, we are caregivers, we take care of so many and so much, that is what fills our hearts. But at the best of times with doing this we tend to forget about ourselves. We must always remember no matter the circumstance, that we are the Creators, Goddesses, we are gorgeous, sexy, sweet, smart, sensual, playful, funny, but most of all we are just simply pretty beautiful, and are absolutely perfect exactly how we are right in this moment. Amazing beings, created by God.

One huge part of my journey, and passion is to remind each and every one of you no matter the age, race, gender, or status, how simply beautiful each and every one of you truly are. I will do this through carefully hand selecting the best simple pretty in everything that I can offer you, because it is ok to indulge in a little extra sugar, so you can feel a little extra special because you are. I will remind you through my blogs, and I will remind you by all the love I put into my website Just for you. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed creating it, I hope you find the little added sugar here to remind you, of the true you. Simply pretty beautiful. I would like to say thank you, and please take a look around. If you have any questions, or comments I would love to hear them. Looking forward to being part of rediscovering yourself, and this part of your journey. Sincerely your friend Corinne….